Conversations off the Couch is a division of Group Therapy Associates designed to take therapy off the couch and into real life.  Fun, social, and easy to fit into your lifestyle- this is the heart of what therapy is all about in a fresh, modern format to meet the needs of people who want to live a happier, healthier life.

Check out our events, services, and products below for options that go beyond the structure of traditional psychotherapy:

Workshops and Events from Conversations Off The CouchAll of our events and retreats feature topics relevant to your daily life and experts ready to answer your questions and give you advice… All in a social setting with great people who share your interests.

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Conversations Off The Couch Couples Retreat -

Fun, engaging, and insightful- our couples retreats are designed for couples just like you.  Couples who want passionate, fulfilling relationships without the forced scripts of so-called “better” communication skills.  Come discover the real secret to a deeper connection and a more playful relationship.

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Relationship Coaching from Group Therapy Associates | Conversations Off the Couch

There are no cookie-cutter answers with Conversations Off The Couch… just creative solutions designed with only you in mind. We believe in providing our clients with tools that meet their needs and their lifestyle. Our custom relationship coaching services give you professional expertise & customized support in a format that is tailored to your individual lifestyle.

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Products to Inspire Your Best Self- Conversations Off The Couch - #TherapyIsNotADirtyWord

Therapy is not a dirty word… and we want the whole world to know it.  Shop our tees, totes, mugs, and other fabulous products- start a conversation and help change the perception of therapy and mental health.

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consulting services from Conversations Off the Couch- Esther Boykin, LMFT Consulting for Matchmakers, Coaches, and TherapistsCustom-fit approaches to help you develop the complimentary skills needed to further your professional goals and help you help your clients reach their full potential.

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Here’s what our clients & colleagues have to say:

I just recommended [my coach] to one of my friends because your suggestions for everyday life changes are so easy to do.  You always come up with great ideas. Thank you for being real.  I would have never done this on my own but I'm so glad that I'm here.  You've helped me see myself and our relationship differently. Praise for Conversations Off the Couch -1