Couples Workshops & Social Events

Despite our best efforts in relationships, we can sometimes feel unheard, disappointed, and frustrated … but it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Enjoy social events at cool venues in DC and Northern Virginia while mixing and mingling with some of the best relationship experts – all ready to give you practical, straight-forward advice.

Communication is Not Your Problem‘ and ‘Not Tonight, Dear‘ tackle the two most common issues that couples face with a fun, engaging, and totally low-pressure vibe. These events give you tools to help you and your partner strengthen your emotional connection, reduce conflict, and yes, even improve your communication and intimacy.

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ménage à deux_ 2 Couples Workshops in a Full Day Format

Join us for TWO couples workshops in one day of learning & love – Feb 18

Not tonight dear- a workshop to help couples manage mismatched sexual desire

It may not be openly discussed, but the reality is that many couples struggle with unequal levels of sexual desire. Partners with a higher libido often feel rejected and unwanted, and those with a lower drive often feel guilty and pressured into having sex. Both sides can find compromise difficult, either from feeling their needs aren’t being met, or that their body is not their own.

Join relationship experts Esther Boykin and Erica Turner, as we share tips and suggestions for couples dealing with sexual incompatibility.

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If only we could communicate better... our relationship would be less complicated and more satisfying, right?

Communication is the #1 reason couples seek the help of a therapist or coach… yet communication skills are rarely the the issue.  While it may seem that learning to communicate better will solve your relationship complaints, the real secret is learning to uncover the missing emotional connection that is making it so hard to talk to each other.

Over lunch with relationship experts, Esther Boykin and Erica Turner, you will learn practical, straight-forward techniques to help you and your partner strengthen your connection, reduce conflict, and yes, even improve your communication skills.

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Looking for something a little more intensive? 

Check out our one-on-one relationship coaching and our weekend retreats today.